I Don't!

Do I really want to tell you all the shits I been through to ruin our night?

Do I really want to spend my extra time to sacrifice our time during the night?

Do I really want to deal with those unnecessary pressure and turn to have fight with you?

I don't!

But I thought you all understand.

I know, even though you understand but you could not help to lose your temper.

If that's what I always need to face, I will learn to do anything to face it no matter I like it or not. 

For tonight, I just wish I am a millionaire now and I DON'T need to do something I don't want and just stay home being with you all the time.

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Tailun 提到...

You don't and I either...
Is it my fault to lose my temper?
I'm just not so tender than you think I am...
Sorry to let you down and let you feel the pressure. It's the last thing I want to do to you...
I still think you won't lose your confidence anyway...
That's our deal from the very beginning, right?